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03/24/09 03:14 PM #1    

Cheryl Fadeley (Wolford)

Welcome to the Central High School Class Of 1980 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/06/09 11:11 AM #2    

Rebecca A. Carter (Carter-Nutter)

Hey Cheryl,

Thanks for the call; I really enjoyed talking to you, catching up on family status, and reminiscing about old times. I hope we keep the dialogue going.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know (the reunion committee) that if any assistance is needed, please feel free to call or email. Thanks again and talk with ya soon! :)

11/15/09 01:48 PM #3    


Frank J. Kadel

Finally got my profile updated with pictures and a story as well, so hopefully every one can keep up with the Kadels. I'm excited about the THIRTY(!) year reunion next summer and hope we can get firm plans set early since I'm taking call at two different hospitals and have to plan ahead!

04/27/10 01:24 PM #4    


Frank J. Kadel

I've cleared off my schedule for the August reunion and am looking forward to seeing everyone, just ran across my class photo from the 1995 reunion I'll try to post it soon.  Whenever I think about Woodstock I think not only of the class of 80, but all those folks I haven't seen since before then, like Kenny Hoover, Don ______, Gaven Lawyer, and other Woodstock Elementary students who didn't graduate with our class.

07/19/10 02:18 PM #5    

Jacinta Sauer (Black)

Cheryl, good question - what is the dress for the dinner?  Also, you said something about a survey - where is it?  Being computer challenged, I cannot find it.  God bless, Jacinta

07/28/10 08:32 PM #6    

Judy Ryman (Bauserman)

Jacinta, wonderful! Look forward to seeing you!

Cheryl - I was wondering about the dress also. Assume we're somewhere between overalls and ballgowns but could you point me in the right area? Thanks!

07/28/10 08:35 PM #7    

Judy Ryman (Bauserman)

In case any of you don't already know, Cathy Edmonds is recovering from surgery at the Winchester Rehab, 333 W. Cork St, 3rd floor, Winchester VA 22601. Thought you might want to send her cards or visit if you're in the area. She's been through a lot but she's in good spirits.

07/28/10 09:18 PM #8    

Cindy Ashley (George)

Judy,  thanks for the update on Cathy.  I didn't know she was in the hospital. I will send her a card tomorrow.  Please keep us updated on her progress.  See you at the reunion!

08/06/10 10:50 AM #9    

Lois Gochenour (Miller)

Thanks Judy & Cindy I did not know about Kathy Edmonds, I hope it was not too serious.  I Will send her a card today.

08/08/10 08:13 PM #10    


Winona Braithwaite (Murray)

I think the reunion was highly successful.  I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to the people who worked so hard to make it all happen.   Thank you to everyone who helped with the chicken barbeque fundraisers, planning it all out, finding a venue, setting up the website, communicating with classmates and the countless other tasks undertaken to benefit us all.  Well done and I hope that you enjoyed the gathering as much as we all seemed to.

The lodge was the perfect spot and greatly intensified my homesickness for the Valley.  Breathtaking views that I couldn’t seem to get enough of.
There were many who weren't able to join us; please know that you were truly missed and it was highly probable that your name came up during the telling of a pleasant memory from years past. 
It felt great to forget about the stresses of our daily lives and get reacquainted with people who knew us way back when our lives revolved around things that seem so trivial to us now--like 8 Track tapes, bell bottoms, big hair, CRF, HHR, Rice Burners, school dances and beating out the Strasburg football team. We've all changed, our priorities have changed and certainly our life experiences have turned us into different people; however, we found new commonalities while reminiscing on the past. I look forward to the time that we again shall meet.

08/09/10 09:49 AM #11    


Frank J. Kadel

Wow, what a great time on the beautiful Shenandoah for our 30th year class reunion!  I can't tell you all how much I enjoyed seeing everyone, or how much I appreciate all of the work it took to get this together.   Perfect venue, good food, and good company!  Susan and Peter both enjoyed getting the chance to meet so many of my classmates, and I really want to thank Cheryl, Cathy, Winnie, Mark, and all of the 'locals' for the great work they've done over and over again to all of our benefits.  I'm already looking forward to the next one, Danny Lucero had said maybe we should do it more often but given all the work involved I think that would have to be more of a spontaneous get together than such a well organized catered feast & party.  Great job on the music Greg, it brought back a lot of memories!

08/09/10 10:57 AM #12    


Laura Hodges

 Thank you everyone for such a great weekend!  Thank you to Cheryl, Cathy, Stuart, Mark, and anyone else I am missing for all the hard work you did to make it such a success.  Thank you to Greg as well, for the great music that brought back alot of memories!  It was so great to see everyone and reminisce, catch up on what is going on now, and just spend time with some great people.  I really had a fantastic time.  I also didn't realize how much I missed those mountains, rolling hay fields and old barns.  The suburbs look awfully ugly to me today!

Looking forward very much to the next get together, whether in 5 or sooner,



08/09/10 11:41 AM #13    


Winona Braithwaite (Murray)

Hey Frank, I just wanted to clarify something.  So glad to see that you enjoyed the reunion as much as I did and I couldn't agree more that the people involved in pulling it off deserve our appreciation.  I must say, however, that I was not able to contribute in the efforts and I deserve no recognition.  I only wish I lived close enough to have helped with all they've done, so I cannot steal their thunder.  :) 

08/09/10 02:30 PM #14    

Rebecca A. Carter (Carter-Nutter)

What an absolutely wonderful Reunion!!  Cheryl, Cathy, Collin, Stuart, and Mark did an absolutely wonderful job!!  KUDOS to you all!!

I believe everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, I know I did.  I enjoyed hearing all the stories, some I remember, unfortunately my memory was the first thing to go, so many I did not.  Nonetheless I did enjoy hearing them. 

A special thank you to whomever thought to bring all the school albums (elementary and high school), it was fun to go through them, remembering the younger years, much younger! :)

Again, thanks to all those who worked so hard to get everything on track so we could have a reunion and all those that organized the events. 





08/09/10 09:34 PM #15    

David B. Wisman

I want to thank everyone who organized the reunion. I had a great time Saturday night. Zack, thanks for the elementary photos. It was great seeing and talking to classmates i hadn't seen for ten years or more. Maybe we could have some sort of get together in two years to celebrate or mourn turning 50 (HAHA). Looking forward to 2015. Thanks again and God Bless, Dave

08/10/10 07:52 PM #16    

Laura Rhodes (Downey)


08/12/10 12:46 AM #17    


Steven W. Hedrick

I have to agree with all the previous comments, The commettee did a GREAT job. I just wish I got there a little earlier Saturday and Sunday. This is the first reunion I have attended since the 5 year. I missed out on alot by not going. Seeing all those faces did bring back some memories in elementary and my senior year when I returned. I was a little embarrased not recognizing some people but on the other hand some didnot recognise me either. Next time I am making the rounds, when you don't drink it is a little different than when you do. If I still drank i think I would have spoke to everyone. I did have a good time and am working on getting volunteers from our or other classes to build a BBQ pit/ Smoker on a trailer so we can make more extra cash for future reunions. I think the committee found the perfect place for future Reunions... Again Good job!!!


Steve Hedrick

08/12/10 11:45 AM #18    

Glen A. Wymer Jr.

 sorry I did not make it to the reunion. I missed all the other ones due to being in the U.S. Navy and was away. I missed this one due to a broken foot and I am on crutches. By the  way all the pictures look everyone had a terrific time. just wanted to let every one know I was thinking about the reunion. BYE

04/20/15 11:05 AM #19    


Winona Braithwaite (Murray)

Cheryl, Cathy, Stuart, Collin and Mark

THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!  I know from experience that arranging a class reunion can be overwhelming and it is absolutely impossible to accomodate everyone--but you all are doing GREAT!  Please know that you all are top notch in my book and I (along with MANY classmates) deeply appreciate all you have done and are doing.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the Edinburg Mill on August 22nd. 

Even though I live near Dulles Airport, please let me know if there is anything I can do from Oak Hill to help.  I would like to purchase some raffle tickets, if we can do it via mail, online or use my mother's home in Woodstock as a drop point.  Just let me know. 


09/28/21 12:15 AM #20    


Steven W. Hedrick

I would like to say that the 40th reunion was great! Thanks to the committee for your work on organizing everything! Thanks to cristy and her husband for the use of their awesome farm! I had great conversations with most everyone there, even people I really didn't have the pleasure of getting to know our senior year. I hope the 45th reunion will have the attendance of all classmates. The food was great, the atmosphere was absolutely breathtaking . I got to know some great people a little better and met some people I never knew. I just can't believe it's been 41 years. There were a few people I haven't seen in years and didn't recognize but when I see them now I'll sure say something to you. May God bless you all, your family's and keep you safe and healthy! If there is anything I can do to help ANY of you in the future all you got to do is call 📞 or email 📧 me!<>>

Again thanks to the committee and cristy and family!!!!

10/02/21 12:43 AM #21    


Winona Braithwaite (Murray)

Our 41st reunion was a big hit, thanks to a hard working committee and all of the attendees.  Christi and Danny have a beautiful place, Greg provided great tunes, the committee did an awesome job and, on behalf of the entire class, we thank you all.  It was incredibly wonderful to see each of you...I wish we had even more time together.  Thank you, everyone, for a great reunion.

06/20/22 04:08 AM #22    


Steven W. Hedrick

Why is no one on here?

01/06/23 07:43 PM #23    

Laura Rhodes (Downey)

Just an FYI, Lynn Click passed away over the new year weekend in Florida. I don't know anymore about her death. She did not wish for there to be a service.

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